Aftercare Department

With each new home we complete for our clients we offer a 2 year warranty as standard, this is also backed by our clients preferred manufacturer. So the homeowners will have peace of mind, however when contact does need to be made, we believe we have addressed this in a way that sets us apart from other companies in our field.

Drycore Aftercare is a team focused on customer satisfaction !

Once we receive notification of a potential fault, our first port of call is to make contact with the homeowner to inspect the works, we believe that if this step is skipped, you run the risk of underestimating the time required to carry out the works.

Once inspected we will liaise with the relevant customer care representatives, detailing what works need completing and when, once agreed with customer care, we arrange the date of the works with the homeowner that best suits their needs, this may even be a weekend if required.

In some case's we may be able to remedy the reported issue on the same day as the inspection.

Once the works are complete, we will ask the homeowner to complete a small quality check questionnaire of our works that we will forward to our clients customer care representatives for their records as well as our own quality control.

If however we are unable to reach the homeowner after 3 attempts, we will notify the customer care representative and place the job on hold until contact can be made.

To guarantee the homeowners are attended to we ask all clients to forward all customer care requests to our new email address...

You will be issued with a unique job reference that we will use when updating the job from booking our inspection, booking in the work & confirming that the work has been completed.

To discuss our Aftercare Department in more details please get in touch on 0845 519 1484.

To log a aftercare job either click the tab 
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